Woodruff Sawyer San Francisco: Halloween

Over 100 years, Woodruff Sawyer has defined many traditions; not just those of championing for the success of our clients, but also traditions of employee camaraderie and teamwork. Forty years ago a pair of authentic cowboys named Stan Loar and Doug Morton strutted into the San Francisco office, bullwhip and all, to celebrate Halloween. What then on became a holiday tradition has also morphed into an incredible multi-department competition.

Every October in the San Francisco office of Woodruff Sawyer, colleagues team up to compete in an elaborate Halloween tradition that includes themed group costumes, floor-wide walkthroughs of haunted houses and spooky graveyards, as well as skits and dance routines. The dedicated and collaborative creativity which culminates in a multi-floor Halloween contest is just another example of the close-knit culture and commitment of the employees at Woodruff Sawyer.

Winners every year claim the Halloween Trophy, Skully. And there’s nothing like pairing a pizza party with the sweet taste of victory!


2018 Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Best Individual Costume

Prize: $50 Lunch or Dinner

Dylon Riley, Colonel Mustard


Best Team Costume

Prize: Breakfast Treats

P&C’s Jurassic Park

Halloween 2018_Jurassic Park

Best Theme Overall

Prize: Pizza Party & Skully

P&C’s Jurassic Park