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After the Settlement: The Tax Consequences of Employment-Related Litigation and Claims


May 1, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am PDT

There is no shortage of employment-related litigation these days, and employers are constantly defending themselves from various claims made by current and former employees.

Employers should have a clear understanding of the employment tax consequences of such litigation. With careful planning, employers can seek to minimize the tax consequences without running afoul of the IRS and state tax agencies.

This webinar will explain how to examine the tax consequences of a complaint, the proper tax characterization of most kinds of payments made in employment-related litigation, including changes made by the recent tax reform, and provide tips for drafting and negotiating over tax consequences and reporting of such litigation.

Topics of Discussion

  • Determining the basis for a settlement
  • Wage issues
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Personal physical injuries versus emotional distress
  • Medical expenses – What’s Reimbursable and what’s taxable
  • Cancellation or buy-outs of employee contracts
  • Litigation costs and attorneys’ fees
  • Class action litigation
  • Tax reporting and forms

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