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Cyber Insurance Trends Looking Ahead to 2024 — Webinar

In 2023, most of our cyber clients experienced decreased pricing when renewing their policies. How will pricing change in 2024?


From the SEC’s new cyber disclosure rules to the impact of artificial intelligence on cyber risk, various factors will shape the insurance market in 2024. These trends, of course, will affect your cyber insurance renewal. Join our experts as they explain pricing and retention trends, and dive into the hot topics that may impact your company. Learn about: 

  • Cyber warfare and how insurers are applying the war exclusion 
  • Ransomware’s alarming comeback 
  • Coverage restrictions for systemic risk and privacy violations 
  • Hackers’ continued focus on the technology supply chain 
  • The expansion of state privacy laws and the biggest target for the plaintiffs’ bar

Plus, learn what underwriters think about the biggest threats companies face, risk mitigation strategies, premium changes, and more as we go over the annual underwriters’ survey results.  


Dan Burke, Senior Vice President, Woodruff Sawyer
Lauri Floresca, Senior Vice President, Woodruff Sawyer
David Anderson, Vice President, Woodruff Sawyer