Our Cyber team is not just about cyber insurance. We help you identify the cyber risks that exist in your operations and create a customized plan to address them.

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Every Company Needs a Shield

From highly publicized hacks to ever-changing government regulations, there’s a lot to stay on top of when it comes to cyber liability and crafting your cyber insurance policy. At Woodruff Sawyer, we’ve invested in cyber expertise to provide you with deep technical knowledge while delivering unparalleled service. You’ll get a strategic partner who works to understand your company’s specific risks—as well as robust data analytics to quantify your risk and support decision-making on the right policy. At the end of the day, you want your policy to perform when you need it, and we’re here to ensure it does.

Precision and Expertise for 
Optimal Cyber Protection


Comprehensive Risk Assessment

We work as an extension of your internal team to identify your unique cyber risks.

Optimal Coverage Mapping

We help customize your coverage to ensure it aligns with your specific risks.

Precision Analytics

We combine deep analytics, market experience, and knowledge of your business to help you make informed decisions about coverage.

Incident Response

Our support minimizes the financial impact and disruption to your business when a cyber incident occurs.

The most common cyber risks that insurance can help with include:

Tech companies may find it difficult or costly to purchase robust technology E&O coverage along with their cyber insurance. With our knowledge of the market and deep carrier relationships, we’ll ensure you get the best available policy options. 

Data breaches are on the rise. This means it’s more important than ever for companies to protect their data and take the right steps after an incident. We’ll ensure coverage against this risk, including fallout expenses such as lost profits and IT forensic costs from breaches that may occur.

Whether from physical damage, a security failure, or a system failure, network business interruption can come from various sources. Our specialists work with you to ensure adequate coverage and, with a deep understanding of your policies, we’ll make sure the right policy responds when you need it.

Continued ransomware attacks are driving the need for heightened cyber extortion controls. The good news is cyber policies will respond to these incidents, including the cost to pay an extortion demand. Our dedicated team of cyber risk experts constantly evaluates the latest threats and will connect you with the right specialists if an incident arises.

Underwriters consistently rank ransomware as the top cyber threat that companies face—and high-profile news coverage and new SEC disclosure rules don’t help things. We’ll help identify steps to take to reduce your risks and guide you through incidents to minimize their impact.

An increasing number of government agencies (including states) are implementing regulations to ensure customer privacy and protection. Our team of experts stays on top of these evolving regulations, providing you with informed insights on what these new laws could mean for your business.

A traditional cyber policy will not cover physical damage to property or equipment caused by a cyberattack—leaving your costly equipment and products at risk. We’ll provide solutions to resolve the coverage gap and ensure your facility is fully protected.


Data & Analytics

Data Intelligence To Help You Make Smart Decisions

We use data to give you actionable insights, enabling you to:

  • Budget for, monitor, and manage risk with more precision
  • Retain portions of risk that are financially viable
  • Build your optimal insurance and risk finance strategy

Specialized Advisors

We’ll Explain and Guide You Through Your Cyber Risk

Our cyber experts work as an extension of your team, providing end-to-end guidance and specialized advice. From reviewing your exposures to explaining cyber risk to your board, to guiding you through the claims process in the event of a cyberattack, we’re your partner for all your cyber risk needs.

  • Their industry knowledge and finger on the pulse of the latest events has proven invaluable in efficiently protecting our industry.

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  • Openness to explore non-standard approaches. Smart, honest team not trying to push limit. Long-term partner approach.