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We safeguard your directors and officers against lawsuits and other liabilities. You get market-leading consulting and expertise to mitigate your personal and corporate risk.

D&O Insurance

Protection, When It Matters Most

We know the stakes are high for corporate directors and officers. The role comes with personal and corporate litigation risk, so having Woodruff Sawyer in your corner is paramount as the industry’s leading D&O and management liability specialist. With expertise, market clout, and relevant data backing our methods, we customize our recommendations in a way no one else can. The result: You make better and more informed insurance decisions—which can mean adjusting limits, eliminating unnecessary coverage, or pursuing a captive. 

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Don’t let litigation negatively affect your balance sheet, tarnish your company’s reputation, or impact the personal liability of your executives. A well-brokered D&O insurance program can protect your executives from the financial severity of lawsuits and regulatory enforcement actions.

Gearing up for an IPO is an exciting time, and it comes with complex tasks—including placing your D&O insurance. Woodruff Sawyer is the market leader in placing D&O insurance for companies going public. We work through all the insurance issues that will arise before, during, and after your IPO. Protecting your company and its leaders at go-time and beyond.

These auxiliary lines of coverage are essential to most organizations, providing protection against losses from labor law disputes, fiduciary liability claims on 401(k) and other plans, and business-related crime. You’ll get advice on mitigating your risks, specialists to lead you through difficult situations, and end-to-end support if claims arise. 

We’ll help you minimize your transactional risk, including implementing reps and warranties insurance solutions for breach of contract and conducting due diligence to quickly and successfully close your deals. You’ll have better peace of mind, with no surprises at close, exit, or anywhere in between.

We work with individual and institutional trustees, from trust attorneys and CPAs to private trust companies and family offices, to manage the D&O liability risks for fiduciaries. You can rely on our expertise in D&O and E&O insurance as well as tax, trust, and estate law to ensure your personal and professional liabilities are covered.


Data & Analytics

Data Intelligence to Help You Make Smart Decisions

We use data to give you actionable insights, enabling you to:

  • Monitor and manage the D&O threat landscape
  • Determine at what level to retain portions of risk
  • Build your optimal insurance and risk finance strategy
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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Our claims team fiercely advocates for you when you need it most: when a claim hits. With claims specialists by line of coverage, not generalists, we provide end-to-end claims support. This means we help you prevent some claims altogether, and fiercely advocate for you if a claim does occur.

  • Our team at Woodruff Sawyer provides reliable expertise, communicates clearly and timely, and delivers helpful market expertise. WS also helps us get valuable results in a challenging insurance market.

  • Woodruff Sawyer is top-notch all around. Where they set themselves apart from other brokers is their willingness and ability to serve as true business partners.

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