Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs)

A sophisticated financing tool deserves an equally sophisticated risk mitigation strategy. Our experts help place the right insurance policy for your SPAC.

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Achieve Your Goals While Minimizing Risk

SPACs have grown from a shunned fundraising vehicle to a sophisticated financing tool. However, SPAC management teams and their directors are exposed to liability during the IPO and subsequent de-SPAC process. D&O insurance can protect company leaders. 

To get the best D&O insurance coverage at the best price, your broker must have extensive and current experience working with and managing claims for IPO companies. Woodruff Sawyer has that expertise and can guide you through the D&O insurance market for your SPAC. 

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Our SPAC Services

We Lead You Through the Complexities of Your Exposures

We offer services in:

  • D&O coverage before and after an IPO
  • M&A reps & warranties insurance for your business combination
  • Risk management and claims support at all times
  • Creative company and deal-specific solutions, including:
    • Errors & omissions coverage
    • Cyber liability
    • Tax liability
    • Contingent liability
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Reps and Warranties Insurance to Protect Your Deal

SPAC sponsors can put forth a much more attractive offer when it’s backed by a reps and warranties insurance (RWI) policy, while the target entity can minimize escrow and indemnity. Having the right RWI policy in place for your deal can put you at an advantage, and we can help you get there.

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