Woodruff Sawyer’s experienced advisors help you stay ahead of your manufacturing risks, from evolving regulations and complex supply chains to product recalls, cyber risks and more.

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Untangling and Solving Your Manufacturing Risks

With our long track record of aggressive and strategic premium management, tailored to the manufacturing sector and each client’s unique risks, we’re experts in securing the right property and inventory coverage to protect your products, from food to wood to industrial parts. Our disciplined account management process starts with strategic multi-year planning. Our services extend to robust employee benefits consulting for a diverse, multi-site and global workforce.

  • Consistent high-quality service! More than just an insurance broker, they are trusted business advisors.

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  • It’s just as bad to be over-insured as it is under-insured. My [WS] team keeps a sharp eye out for my best interests to properly manage risk exposure in a manner that most insurance brokers don’t have the ability to.

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Sectors We Serve

Food and Beverage

We specialize in helping food and beverage companies untangle and solve their business risks. From operational risk assessments to finance team training on product recalls to our proprietary insurance product for food/beverage companies, we provide you with end-to-end support and solutions.

A tractor in a forest, using machinery to lift logs

Sectors We Serve

Wood Products

With decades of experience serving forest and wood products companies, we deliver cutting-edge advice and solutions on hazards such as fire risk, product liability, wildfire exposure, and workforce-related issues. Our understanding of your industry means we’re able to better address your risk challenges, achieve competitive insurance programs, and be there for you as an extension of your team.

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Sectors We Serve

Industrial Manufacturing

The risks and liabilities associated with industrial manufacturing are more complex than ever. We help you navigate and manage your risks, from cyber security and complex global supply chain disruptions to workplace safety and environmental exposures. You get the strength of a senior team of experts and a comprehensive process that reveals a broader view of your risk, which leads to a more optimal price for your risk profile.