Property & Casualty

We demystify P&C risk management and insurance, and use analytics and our depth of expertise to design customized solutions that help you stay resilient in the face of losses.


We Untangle, Advise, and Solve for You

No business is immune to risk and—let’s face it—bad things happen. Property and casualty insurance helps you remain resilient when catastrophe strikes. At Woodruff Sawyer, we use data analytics and deep industry experience to anticipate risks, craft custom-fit policies, and ensure you’re covered when you file a claim. You’ll get senior advisors working with you every day, access to veterans in loss control, and claim experts who specialize in your industry. We’ll manage your risk, so you can focus on your growth.

Getting It Right to Keep Your 
Business Running

Data Analytics


Our approach includes getting to know your business, loss modeling, and actuarial analytics to identify risks more precisely.
Spend wisely

Spend Wisely

We untangle the complexities to ensure you’re properly covered and able to make smart decisions about risk transfer and retention.
Protect Spend

Protect Your Assets

We focus on loss control and prevention. But when losses happen, our claims and coverage experts optimize your claims recovery.

Focus on Growth

With resiliency built into your capital structure, you can remain agile and competitive in your market and continue to grow your business.

Specialists in Your Corner

Can a broker manage your property risks without understanding your business and industry? We believe the answer is no—that’s why our property team works to understand your risks and corporate strategies to give you customized coverage options. We’ll also guide you through risk mitigation steps to help you minimize property loss and reduce costs.

Managing casualty risk is about finding balance—between the cost of insurance and the volatility of uninsured losses. From general liability and workers' comp to auto and products liability, we'll help you achieve a balanced casualty risk financing strategy. Our casualty specialists support you with program options that align with your goals, advise on ways to lower your costs, and help you make informed insurance purchasing decisions.

We guide you in risk mitigation steps to help you operate in a safer environment, show up favorably with underwriters, and reduce costs. Our dedicated, in-house engineers work directly with you to assist with engineering analysis, loss control recommendations, valuations, and COPE data.

Your employees’ safety is paramount—and it also affects your bottom line. Our loss control specialists provide analysis and strategies to address a wide variety of issues. From federal compliance to carrier loss control recommendations, we’ll work with you to ensure your workplace is safe.

Joining a captive insurance group is an alternative way to manage risk—offering control, consistency, and a way to stabilize your cost of risk over time. Woodruff Sawyer’s captive experts guide you through an unbiased process to determine whether you’re a good candidate for a captive. We remain with you every step of the way, from evaluating and joining the right captive to ongoing support.

For many projects, a commercial or contract surety bond is essential. Few brokers have Woodruff Sawyer’s depth of surety specialization and expertise. We have the market access to get you more surety options, and the expertise to match you with the appropriate surety based on your business plan.


Data & Analytics

Data Intelligence to Help You Make Smart Decisions

We use data to give you actionable insights, enabling you to:

  • Budget for, monitor, and manage risk with more precision
  • Retain portions of risk that are financially viable
  • Build your optimal insurance and risk finance strategy
claim management-box-text

Claims Management

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Our claims team fiercely advocates for you when you need it most: when a claim hits. With claims specialists by line of coverage, not generalists, we provide end-to-end claims support. This means we help you prevent some claims altogether, and fiercely advocate for you if a claim does occur.

  • Great support when we need assistance in planning insurance. Great support getting COIs out. Great support when information is needed for due diligence. Great support on our bonding needs.

  • A very responsive team that helps in so many different ways. Whether it is providing a last-minute COI, to reviewing contract clauses to ensure we are compliant.