M&A – Reps & Warranties Insurance

Mergers and acquisitions come with risks. Representations and warranties insurance can reduce those risks and bring certainty to both sides of the transaction.

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M&A participants have been buying reps and warranties insurance (RWI) more frequently—and with good reason. When employed early, RWI can increase deal value and make a difference in whether or not a deal gets done. Our suite of services are tailored to the risk management needs of buyers and sellers, anchored by deep knowledge of the intricacies involved with M&A transactions—and the ways insurance can help. With extensive experience in transactional risk and due diligence, we’ll make sure you’re covered. 

Shielding Buyers and Sellers 

Top 5

Overcome Obstacles

RWI helps in transaction negotiations and gets the deal done

Can Replace Escrow

RWI bridges the gap in desires between seller and buyer
overcome obstacles

Speed Deal Process

RWI simplifies the negotiating process
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Coverage for Deal Makers

What is Representations and Warranties Insurance?

Contract breaches during a merger or acquisition, whether intentional or unintentional/unforeseen, result in risk exposures for both buyer and seller. RWI is M&A transaction insurance that gets triggered if any representations or warranties given in deal documents prove to be incorrect, resulting in a breach of the sale contract.

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Private Equity

Protecting Clients from Diligence through Divestiture

We have decades of experience protecting private equity firms through lower, core, and upper middle-market transactions. Whether the deal involves placing complex reps and warranties insurance or tax liability coverage, or conducting fulsome due diligence of a target’s corporate insurance and employee benefits programs, Woodruff Sawyer’s private equity team handles it all. We’re fiercely dedicated to a hands-on approach to deal work, with the same partner-led team handling the entire process from diligence through divestiture.

Featured Services

  • D&O/ Management Liability

    Safeguarding directors and officers against lawsuits and other liabilities.


  • Cyber

    Quantifying your company’s cyber risks and securing the right coverage for data breaches and other cyber incidents.

  • Property & Casualty

    Aligning your risk management strategy with your overall business strategy.

  • Employee Benefits

    Delivering cost-effective benefits programs that help you attract and retain the best people.

  • Specialization: SPAC

    Helping you mitigate risk and place the right insurance coverage for your SPAC.