Insurance Coverage For The New “Officer” On The Block: GDPR’s Data Protection Officers

GDPR has created a new position for companies that must comply with GDPR, the Data Protection Officer (“DPO”). It’s a big job, and many of the folks appointed to this position have questions about their own liability as well as how to protect themselves from potential liability.  A typical request we are seeing from DPOs is that they be added as a named insured to a D&O policy.  Unfortunately, adding a DPO to a D&O policy as a named insured may not provide a complete response. Indeed, in some situations it will be a useless move, if not actually a detrimental one. Cyber liability insurance policies can provide a much more useful solution—but only if your insurance broker has identified and addressed certain key issues.  To help explain DPO liability exposure and ways to protect DPOs in a comprehensive way, I turned to my colleague Dan Burke, an expert in cyber liability insurance.

Check out the post we jointly authored, Cyber Insurance vs. D&O Insurance: New Data Protection Officer Requirements Under GDPR.



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