On-Demand Webinar

IPOs for Foreign Filers: Managing Risk for Directors & Officers

Any company looking to go public should start thinking about their D&O risk mitigation strategies early. This is even more important for foreign filers, which have experienced an increase in securities class action filings in the past decade. Find out more about risk mitigation steps to take now as you prepare for your 2024 filing.


Thinking about listing on a US exchange in 2024? Watch our webinar to learn about the process and how to protect directors and officers.

Our insurance and legal experts will cover:

  • The process of going public on a US exchange 
  • What you need to do now to prepare for your listing 
  • Regulatory and legal hot topics and how they affect risk 
  • Best practices for structuring your D&O insurance


Jane Njavro, Senior Vice President, Woodruff Sawyer
Lenin Lopez, Senior Vice President, Woodruff Sawyer
Sebastian Klapper, CEO, Finlex