Fall Liquidity Summit –September 20th

This year, the liquidity market has exhibited some unique patterns. Total IPOs are up year-to-year, but the M&A market is falling. As discussed earlier this summer, biotech IPOs are seeing a huge resurgence. That sector (along with technology) is getting equally as much attention in the securities litigation arena, as reported in our most recent D&O Databox. Navigating liquidity options has become that much more challenging. But a successful IPO or merger is very possible.

The Fall 2013 San Francisco Liquidity Summit on September 20th  to is designed for companies considering a liquidity event in the near or longer term, in the form of a public offering or merger. I will be moderating the “nuts & bolts” panel. The panel will include Scott Darling, Vice President and General Counsel, Trulia; John Kelm, Audit Partner, Deloitte and Touche LLP; Sri Kosaraju, Managing Director, Equity Capital Markets, J.P. Morgan; and Gabriella Lombardi, Partner, Pillsbury.

Click here for registration and seminar details. Hope you will be able to join us.


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