Woodruff Sawyer and RKH Specialty Join Forces for Global Presence

Global Transactional Insurance Capability

Woodruff Sawyer and RKH Specialty have launched an extended joint platform in order to create a truly global transactional insurance solution for US, European, and cross-border transactions.

This international network has placed policies in over 33 countries, with an aggregate transaction value of $47.6 billion in insured deals and an aggregate transaction value of $238 million.

The new group comprises over 16 full-time experts. The team includes British- and US-qualified lawyers and tax experts, as well as a wealth of long-term transactional insurance experience.

The new network has dedicated offices in North America and Europe, which provide access to the M&A Insurance hubs of New York & London. Cross-border deals will be provided with team members from both hubs, allowing for genuine 24-hour, global access with seamless international placements.


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