Public Company D&O Liability

Even the most well-intentioned leaders can find themselves facing legal actions. Our D&O experts tackle your unique risks to safeguard your company and leaders. 

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Peace of Mind for Your Directors and Officers

Don’t let litigation negatively affect your balance sheet, tarnish your company’s reputation, or impact the personal liability of your executives. A well-brokered D&O insurance program can protect your executives from the financial severity of lawsuits and regulatory enforcement actions. Our trusted brokers guide you on how to avoid litigation and resolve cases quickly if they do arise. We also use proprietary data and our market expertise to help you make the right decisions about D&O insurance coverage, limits, and pricing. We’ll do the work—you’ll get peace of mind. 

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Data and analytics

Data Intelligence To Help You Make Smart Decisions

We use data to give you actionable insights, enabling you to: 

  • Monitor and manage the D&O threat landscape 
  • Determine at what level to retain portions of risk 
  • Build your optimal insurance and risk finance strategy
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We believe you deserve access to only the best, which is why you'll always have access to our most senior advisors day in, day out. This is the way we do business.

  • Their industry knowledge and finger on the pulse of the latest events has proven invaluable in efficiently protecting our industry.

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