Justine Ekstrom

Vice President, Account Executive

Justine Ekstrom headshot

Justine, along with the account manager, is your primary contact for consultation and brokerage support. She executes your business objectives as they relate to benefits goals, budget, and long-term strategies, with a strategic focus on monitoring program trends, the impact of industry changes, and the ongoing performance of your benefit offerings set against your goals. Justine has 29 years of employee benefits experience with companies ranging from large publicly traded firms to small and mid-sized employers, assisting them in the design of benefits programs to meet their recruitment, retention, and budget objectives. Her expertise lies in analyzing, implementing and managing various alternative healthcare delivery systems and alternative funding techniques, including self-funding. Justine has extensive experience calculating and projecting plan costs for insured and self-insured plans. She is also well versed in implementing medical plans and integrated plans due to mergers and acquisitions. Justine joined Northwest Benefit Planning (NBP), a regional brokerage/consulting firm acquired by Woodruff Sawyer in 1991. Prior to her 16-year history at NBP, she worked for five years at a national insurance carrier. Justine serves on the broker advisory boards for Kaiser Permanente and Moda.