Leslie Newman

Workers’ Compensation Claim Consultant

With over seven years of experience in the insurance industry, Leslie works directly with clients as an advocate for their workers’ compensation claims, answering questions or investigating and resolving problems that may arise.

Responsibilities include reviewing clients’ workers compensation claims to ensure the claims are on the right path to resolution in a timely and financially appropriate manner. This includes holding claim reviews with the clients and carriers on a regular basis to keep everyone updated on claim status. She facilitates communication between clients, insurers, and legal counsel while advocating for client interests.

Leslie also serves as a technical resource for compensability, medically appropriate care, return to work, overall claim mitigation, and settlement strategies, and provides clients with training on relevant workers’ compensations laws and statutes.

Leslie’s extensive multi-state jurisdictional experience in managing workers’ compensation claims in the manufacturing, food, and medical device industries provides a valuable resource for clients with complex or complicated claims.

Prior to joining Woodruff Sawyer, Leslie served as a workers' compensation case manager with Travelers Insurance, with a focus on investigative, return-to-work, critical care, and benefit management claims.

Leslie holds a bachelor’s from San Francisco State University.