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CFO Dive | September 5, 2023

SEC Cyber Rules Go Into Effect, Raising Stakes for CFOs

Lenin Lopez talks about the SEC's new regulations around communicating cyber breaches.
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SHRM | August 30, 2023

IRS Announces 2024 Health Plan Affordability Threshold

SHRM references Woodruff Sawyer's compliance alert about the 2024 health plan affordability threshold drop.
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Yahoo Finance | August 28, 2023

A ‘Valuation Reset’ Hits the IPO Market as Better Stock Crashes 90% After Debut

Yelena Dunaevsky comments on why the Better IPO is an example of how a SPAC can go wrong.
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Medium - InfoSecSherpa | August 28, 2023

Making it Personal: SEC issues Wells Notice Against SolarWinds’ CFO and CISO

Lenin Lopez's Insight "Making It Personal: SEC Issues Wells Notices Against SolarWinds’ CFO and CISO" was reposted on InfoSecSherpa’s weekly roundup.
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BenefitsLink | August 28, 2023

IRS Issues Affordability Percentage Adjustment for 2024

Benefits Link picks up Woodruff Sawyer's latest compliance alert "IRS Issues Affordability Percentage Adjustment for 2024"
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How to Attract and Retain Employees with Student Debt Benefits

Kristina Keck's Insight "How to Attract and Retain Employees with Student Debt Benefits" is featured in's Compensation & Pay Equity Law Review newsletter.
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Daymark Solutions | August 15, 2023

Demystifying Cyber Insurance

David Anderson pens a primer for CISOs and Information Security leaders about the questions to ask about a cyber insurance policy.
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Legal Dive | August 15, 2023

D&O Insurers’ Effort to Use ‘Bump-Up’ Exclusion Faltering

Gil Isidro's blog post on bump-up exclusions is referenced in Legal Dive's article about a key case, where policyholders succeeded in getting insurers to cover claims despite policy language excluding "inadequate or effectively decreased" amounts because of ambiguous language.
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P&C Specialist | August 9, 2023

Carriers May Risk Reputation With Unpopular Nonrenewal, Rate Moves

Jim Tolliver on the reputational risks carriers face with changes to renewals and rate increases.
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Insurance Business | August 9, 2023

How to Protect a Publicly Listed Company from Costly D&O Litigation

Priya Huskins talks about D&O risk prevention as security class action settlements become more expensive.
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