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CPG Specialist | May 24, 2023

Beyond Meat, Campbell and Tyson Are Consolidating Office Space. Is It a CPG Trend?

Jeanna Madlener and Marie Gallanar discuss the factors leading to CPG office consolidation.
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DealFlow | May 24, 2023

Woodruff Sawyer Releases Guide to D&O Insurance for SPAC IPOs, 2023 Edition

DealFlow picks up Priya Huskin and Yelena Dunaevsky's Guide to D&O for SPAC IPOs.
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The Corporate Counsel | May 18, 2023

D&O Insurance in IPOs and Direct Listings

The Corporate Counsel refers to Insights from Woodruff Sawyer about the impact of the Slack decision on D&O insurance and the market for foreign filers.
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CNA | May 18, 2023

Evolving Dynamics in the Management Liability Market

Woodruff Sawyer's 2023 D&O Looking Ahead Guide is cited in this article about post-pandemic exposures for corporations.
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Family Wealth Report | May 12, 2023

Do Personal Lines Policies Insure Trustees?

Judy Pearson examines the what sort of insurance should trustees have, what solutions exist, and the types of mistakes trustees should avoid.
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My New Markets | May 11, 2023

Hard-Commercial Property Market to Linger as Property Owners Take On More Risk

Mark McEvoy talks about the hard property market and why it's important to show how your risk has improved since last year when renegotiating your insurance policies.
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Benefits Link | May 11, 2023

Self-Funded Health Plans: Breaking the Myths to Find Cost Savings

Benefits Link covers Woodruff Sawyer's blog on self-funded health plans.
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Captive International | May 4, 2023

D&O Difficulties – How Captives Can Help Plug a Gap

Lauri Floresca on the how and why Meta decided to create a D&O Captive.
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Triangle Business Journal | April 28, 2023

SPAC Scrutiny Escalates as Kinston, Durham Firms Weigh Future Paths

Yelena Dunaevsky covers the advantages of bringing a seasoned SPAC team on board.
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Inside P&C | April 18, 2023

Market Intel: R&W Sector Expects Activity Rebound in Late 2023 After Rate Tapering

Emily Maier talks about deal volume and rates in the Reps & Warranties market.
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