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Insurance Journal | January 11, 2021

2020 Agents of the Year

Dan Berry is featured in report about what it means to be a successful independent agent
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Vengreso | January 9, 2021

4 Ingredients for B2B Modern Sales Success

VP Marketing Jeff Fenigstein talks about what it takes to be a modern sales team
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Insurance Business | January 5, 2021

ESG Challenges Growing More Important for Boards of Directors

Interview with Priya Huskins recaps 2020's D&O Looking Ahead Guide highlighting ESG and politics in the boardroom as one of the hot topics to watch in 2021.  
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California Broker | January 1, 2021

Innovation No Longer Optional

CEO Andy Barrengos sees technology and innovation as no longer optional in our industry, but rather, a necessity to stay relevant — and even alive.
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