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D&O Looking Ahead to 2021

Webinar Length 45 MIN

September 30, 2020


Join us at a virtual event featuring various Woodruff Sawyer D&O experts.

Get the critical news and intelligence from the eighth annual Looking Ahead Guide, ask questions of our panel, and learn about D&O concerns such as COVID-19, bankruptcy, securities class actions, SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies), and IPOs versus direct listings.

Last year’s guide predicted a lot of what’s happening in the current market, so don’t miss out on the insights for 2021.

Here’s What We’ll Discuss:

  • The current state of the D&O insurance market, and what we expect to see in 2021
  • “Hot Topics” in D&O litigation, including our predictions for the end of 2020 and for 2021
  • What to do in a hard market exacerbated by a pandemic such as the one we are in now
  • What insurance underwriters have to say about the current D&O landscape, including market forces leading them to make decisions such as to cut capacity and increase premiums and SIRs


  • Priya Huskins (moderator)
  • Seth Pfalzer
  • Jane Njavro
  • Brendan Williams
  • Lauri Floresca
  • Sean Coady

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