Award-Winning Women at Woodruff Sawyer

We’d like you to meet three exemplary women who represent the excellence and caliber of Woodruff Sawyer.

We’ve known for years that these three individuals are experts in their respective fields, bringing incredible knowledge and savvy to their practices. Recently, each of them has been recognized by outside sources for their professional contributions. Please meet Kristy Furrer, Priya Huskins, and Kristina Keck.

Kristy Furrer and Priya Huskins were both awarded the Elite Women in Insurance Award by Insurance Business America. This award is presented to the most inspiring and influential women in insurance, who are remarkable while not being afraid to make waves.

Kristy Furrer is Senior Vice President, Client Success, and has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry, in both brokerage and risk management. In 2000, Kristy founded Woodruff Sawyer’s Risk Management Practice, and is currently Vice Chair of the Board of Directors.

Kristy's award feature can be found here.

Priya Cherian Huskins serves as Senior Vice President, D&O, and is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on D&O liability risk and its mitigation. She is a member of the Woodruff Sawyer Board of Directors and is the author and editor of the D&O Notebook. Congratulations to Kristy and Priya.

Priya's award feature can be found here.

Kristina Keck recently received the Award for Top Advisor by Participant Outcomes given by the publication 401k Specialist—a recognition of innovative professionals who solve for successful outcomes with their clients. Kristina has been with Woodruff Sawyer since 2013, and embodies our company’s maxim to always be Champions for Your Success. As Vice President of Retirement Plans, Kristina has her finger on what clients are struggling with and how to communicate the nuances of saving for retirement.

Women and Excellence at Woodruff Sawyer

As a leader in the insurance industry, Woodruff Sawyer is proud of our highly-experienced and knowledgeable team. Not only are Priya, Kristy, and Kristina examples of our excellence, they also represent the impact and brilliance of the women in our organization. 4 of 7 members of our leadership team are women, effectively responsible for the leadership of our revenue units. In the boardroom, 3 out of 8 board members are women, including Kristy Furrer and Priya Huskins.

We’re proud of our high caliber team and hope you will join us in congratulating Priya, Kristy, and Kristina on their achievements.


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