Your Roadmap for Board Education in 2024

Board Education Resource Guide 2024

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This Guide outlines educational and networking events in a variety of formats for the discerning and busy board member.

A recent EY survey revealed that a majority of directors say staying on top of emerging issues is a challenge—no surprise given the pace of change.

Woodruff Sawyer’s annual Board Education Resource Guide aims to streamline and organize continuing education options for 2024.

This guide outlines educational and networking events in a variety of options for the discerning and busy board member.

Resources include everything from in-person to virtual events, ranging from shorter formats to multi-day experiences, and even on-demand online assets.

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Highlights of the Guide include:

  • Board-level multi-day events: We include the most anticipated board-level events such as Stanford Directors’ College and others.
  • Committee-level/subject matter events: This section features events that are geared towards board committees specifically, or specialized subject matter related to boards.
  • In-person short-shot events: Here, we highlight no- or low-cost seminars requiring little time commitment.
  • Podcasts and webinars: This section features virtual content that is usually an hour or less and is often free.
  • Blogs and resource portals: Some of the best resources online for board members to stay on top of emerging trends are included here.
  • Woodruff Sawyer customized programs: We offer presentations customized for D&O insurance clients at no additional charge to help your organization manage its D&O risk profile more effectively.

As you plan your continuing education for 2024, reach out to your Woodruff Sawyer representative to see if we can offer discount codes for some events.