D&O Databox Flash Report for Q3

The D&O Databox Flash Report is Woodruff Sawyer’s quarterly D&O litigation update. Here are the highlights for Woodruff Sawyer’s just released D&O Databox Flash Report for Q3:

  • While filing activity was up in Q3 2013 compared to the previous two quarters, we expect the total year-end number to be similar to 2012, i.e. around 125 cases.
  • If, however, the filing pace we saw in Q3 is sustained through the end of Q2, we’ll be on track to see closer to 140 cases, something we’ve only seen twice before in the last 5 years (subprime mortgages and Chinese reverse merger company issues being the previous drivers).
  • The High Tech sector has dominated filings by a very large margin.
  • The vast majority of the 66 securities class action lawsuit settlements paid through Q3 2012 have been at the lower end of the spectrum, i.e. under $20 million.

Check out the full Flash Report for more.

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