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How Does the Cigna–Express Scripts Merger Affect Employers?

In December 2018, Cigna announced the completion of their $67 billion acquisition of Express Scripts, the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM). This consolidation is just one of many mergers and acquisitions that is intended to reinvent the US Healthcare system, as noted in Cigna's press release about the merger. Find out how this impacts consumers and employers.

Corporate Wellness Programs: New Concept or Ancient Advice?

Wellness programs are seen as a way not only to improve the overall health of an organization, but also to lower costs and empower employees to improve their health. Learn about the evolution of the wellness program out of historical achievements from businesses like Kaiser, as well as future opportunities for expanding wellness programs to show an ROI.

Looking Ahead: The Employee Benefits Landscape in 2019

The broad and complex world of employee benefits keeps getting more interesting—or daunting, depending on your viewpoint. In this annual issue of our Employee Benefits Looking Ahead Guide, we highlight key impact areas for employers in 2019 and provide insights into ways to set up or evolve their programs in light of industry trends and ever-changing market options.