Cyber Liability

We help safeguard against the constantly evolving web of cyber liability exposures that all industries face today. Yesterday’s standard security practices are no match for today’s data breaches, network failures, cyber extortion, and other sophisticated cyber crimes.

The most common cyber risks that insurance can help with include:

Cyber Liability Insurance: Customized for Your Unique Cyber Threats 

Our dedicated team of Cyber Risk experts constantly evaluates the latest threats and negotiates with carriers to drive improvements in cyber coverage. But many are left wondering: what’s actually covered by cyber insurance?  Our team can help make sense of the basics included in every policy and where coverage can be expanded and enhanced for your particular needs.

Wondering how Cyber applies to your organization? Email our National Cyber Practice Leader, Dan Burke.

Cyber Services—Beyond Insurance

Our team also guides organizations beyond cyber insurance coverage; we believe a healthy cyber approach addresses all aspects of your cyber risk—before, during, and after possible attacks.

We help you untangle and solve your cyber liability risk, bringing precision and expertise to identify your optimal protection, while balancing your costs and risks.

4 KEY AREAS OF FOCUS Cyber grey stroke

Learn more about protecting your organization with cyber liability insurance and other related cyber services. Email our National Cyber Practice Leader, Dan Burke.