Cyber Services Network

Don’t Wait for an Attack to Happen

Work with Cyber Experts to Proactively Reduce the Severity of Cyber AttacksĀ 

Cyber liability insurance is a must-have for modern businesses. At Woodruff Sawyer we believe that preparing our clients for any eventuality is a vital part of a good cyber security strategy.

The Cyber Services Network is part of a comprehensive approach for companies who don’t want to hope for the best when it comes to cyber risks.

Woodruff Sawyer has chosen and vetted a network of cyber security and IT experts who work with you to identify security gaps and develop custom mitigation plans for your organization. This proactive approach can be used by any industry to help you fully understand your business risks and develop solutions to limit your exposure.

Choose Services Such As:

  • A thorough evaluation of your business risks and mitigation plans developed specifically for your business.
  • Response plans that would quickly deal with any foreseen vulnerabilities.
  • Proactive measures that lead to the best cyber insurance and the best prices.
  • Cyber strategy guidance from our account executives throughout the process.
  • No additional charge from Woodruff Sawyer. Clients pay vendors directly.
  • Vendor services that are fully vetted from recommended experts in the field.

The Cyber Services Network Connects You to Experts with These Specialties:

  • Cyber Risk Assessment
  • Penetration Test
  • Mergers & Acquisition Risk Assessment
  • Incident Response Readiness Assessment
  • Tabletop Exercise
  • Board of Directors Presentation Counseling

To get started, or find out more information on the Cyber Services Network, contact your Woodruff Sawyer Account Executive or our Cyber expert, Vice President Dan Burke.