Woodruff Sawyer: The #1 D&O Insurance Broker For California IPOs

September 23, 2019

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Since 2010, Woodruff Sawyer has been the leader among insurance brokers for California IPOs, covering the market with 298 IPOs and a sizable 34% market share—more than the next three brokers combined. In 2019 alone, Woodruff Sawyer has advised on 8 out of 18 California IPOs, and 26% of all US IPOs. Clients include PagerDuty, Turning Point Therapeutics, Crowdstrike, and Gossamer Bio, a biopharmaceutical company that went public with a $1B+ valuation.

Thanks to extensive experience and industry knowledge, Woodruff Sawyer excels in California, the largest IPO market in the country. Woodruff Sawyer started advising tech and life science companies on their insurance strategies in the 1980s, recognizing Silicon Valley was the heartbeat of innovation in the US. The experience gained working with pre-IPO and IPO-bound clients proved invaluable, providing the company with legal and venture capital partnerships, and the knowledge to navigate the complex demands of going public. In today’s legally-charged post-IPO environment, that expertise is imperative for clients facing litigation and shareholder suits.

For over 100 years, Woodruff Sawyer has built deep expertise with clients that challenge traditional business models; these companies change the business landscape and often need the most flexible and creative solutions to mitigate their risks. As Aeglea Biotherapeutics puts it,

“Woodruff Sawyer offers excellent advice, impeccable service and most importantly, they understand our industry.”

Woodruff Sawyer CEO Andy Barrengos remarks,

“We welcome the challenge of solving complex insurance problems that help our clients to innovate and thrive. Dealing with entirely new business models and emerging industries, each with their own special needs and requiring unique solutions, is a foundational part of Woodruff Sawyer’s experience and expertise. Our greatest satisfaction is helping guide and protect our clients, giving them the confidence to run their businesses knowing we are taking care of their risks.”

About Woodruff Sawyer

As one of the largest insurance brokerage and consulting firms in the US, Woodruff Sawyer protects the people and assets of more than 4,000 companies. We provide expert counsel and fierce advocacy to protect clients against their most critical risks in property and casualty, management liability, cyber liability, employee benefits, and personal wealth management. We provide expertise and customized solutions where clients need it, with headquarters in San Francisco, offices throughout the US, and global reach on six continents. For more information, call 844.972.6326, or visit

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