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Woodruff Sawyer Introduces Cyber Services Network

Woodruff Sawyer, one of the largest insurance brokerages in the US, today announced the launch of its Cyber Services Network (CSN).  CSN is a unique service with a team of hand-picked cyber security specialists who help businesses develop a thorough and strategic view of their cyber risk, and then develop an action plan to limit their exposure and better respond to potential attacks.

The Cyber Services Network was developed as part of a broader cyber security solution for Woodruff Sawyer clients that includes risk assessment, coverage evaluation, risk transfer, and incident response.  With CSN, clients have the opportunity to work with a group of best-in-class cyber security experts to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their business risks and develop custom solutions before a cyber attack occurs.  Not only does this proactive approach prepare organizations for a cyber attack, but it also ensures clients will be able to buy insurance tailored to meet their specific needs.

This fully vetted network of experts includes FireEye, Cylance, KPMG, Kivu Consulting, and Security Scorecard, and the services offered span risk assessments, penetration tests, incident response readiness services, tabletop exercises, due diligence on security posture, and much more. These services represent industry best practices and are designed to provide clients the intelligence they need to identify, test, and protect against vulnerabilities—so they can better respond to all kinds of cyber attacks.

“While cyber insurance is a ‘must’ in today’s risk environment, we believe mitigating clients’ risk to cyber events before they occur is a critical and often-missed part of a comprehensive cyber risk strategy” says Andy Barrengos, CEO of Woodruff Sawyer. “Our Cyber Services Network is designed to help clients improve their cyber security risk profile and overall network hygiene through customized tools including risk assessment, breach preparation, employee training, and network testing.”