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Woodruff Sawyer Introduces Workforce Initiative

Woodruff Sawyer, one of the largest insurance brokerages in the US, today announced The Workforce Initiative, an ongoing commitment to examine the work arrangements and office environments that will best serve Woodruff Sawyer employees. By developing new flexible work environments, Woodruff Sawyer is creating a “workplace of the future” that is more aligned with employee needs and, as a result, client needs.

The Workforce Initiative focuses on three aspects of the employee experience: when they work, where they work, and the office environment itself. First, flex schedules give employees the opportunity to work outside the traditional 9-to-5 workday, combining working from home and the office to achieve better work/life balance. Second, employees will leverage tools like Zoom, Asana, and digital softphones to ensure they can communicate and collaborate seamlessly no matter where they are.

Third, Woodruff Sawyer is experimenting with office design to maximize collaboration and innovation. Brereton Architects has been engaged to redesign the new Walnut Creek, California office. This space will incorporate design elements such as impromptu collaboration areas, multi-purpose workspaces, and more casual “touchdown rooms” that enable employee interactions outside the traditional cubicle kingdoms. The new office design will also include intra-office microclimates for a more temperate employee experience. Moving forward, the Walnut Creek office will become a model for future buildouts and remodels as office leases renew.

“One of the most important issues we’ve been researching this year is how we provide outstanding client service in a more flexible work environment,” says Andy Barrengos, CEO of Woodruff Sawyer. “With the Workforce Initiative, led by Chief Operating Officer Zac Overbay, we’ve taken into account the diverse needs of our teams to create an innovative and collaborative setting for our employees. This is one example of the bold steps we’re taking to foster a positive employee community and forward-thinking workplace.”