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Charlie Rosson Named Chairman of Assurex Global

Charlie Rosson, CEO of Woodruff Sawyer, has been named as Chairman of Assurex Global.

Assurex Global is an exclusive partnership of the most prominent independent agents and brokers in the world. With more than 600 Partner offices across six continents, Assurex Global is the largest privately held commercial insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerage group in the world.

Rosson was elected at Assurex Global’s 2015 Shareholders’ Meeting & Global Conference in Dublin, Ireland. The conference brought together nearly 200 attendees, representing 72 Partner firms from 35 countries to share best practices and discuss future initiatives of Assurex Global.

As CEO, Charlie leads Woodruff Sawyer’s business strategy and growth activities. Since taking the role in 2008, Charlie has ensured that the firm stays rooted in its cause to help organizations succeed, while bringing fresh, innovative approaches to service delivery. He has guided Woodruff Sawyer in carving out new niches within such sectors as health care, clean tech  and private client, and expanded the firm’s geographic footprint. Under his leadership the firm has also boosted core services in prominent present-day risk areas such as compliance, cyber liability and loss control.

“We welcome Charlie as Chairman and look forward to the great contributions he will make,” said Assurex Global President & CEO Jim Hackbarth. “He is a dynamic leader and has taken Woodruff Sawyer to a new level.”

“It is an honor to be named Chairman,” said Rosson. “Woodruff Sawyer has been an Assurex Global Partner for 31 years and I look forward to contributing to the direction and continued success of the organization.”

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