COVID Return-to-Work

As the United States begins to reopen and return to offices and worksites that have been shut down for over a year, workplaces are grappling with what the “new normal” may look like—and how employees and the business will adjust in the coming months. Find a host of resources below to help you in your Covid Return to Work adjustment.

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Sample Return-to-Work Action Plan

Are you unsure about where to start as your company looks to bring employees back into offices and workspaces? Use our sample return-to-work action plan as a template in preparing your own plan.

Get the Sample Return-to-Work Action Plan here >>

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Third-Party Updates on Coronavirus

The CDC and World Health Organization are continually providing best practices and updates on the status of coronavirus. Keep in mind that your local Health Department has the authority to control all epidemiological response, including quarantines or other actions that may affect your business, as well as how to respond if an employee has been exposed or tests positive. 

Refer to these sources regularly to help you plan and protect your workplace according to the latest recommendations.