Coronavirus Resources: Protecting Your Business and Your People

May 26, 2020

Crisis Management

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to evolve quickly, impacting nearly every aspect of business from supply chains to investor questions to employee health concerns. Woodruff Sawyer has established this Coronavirus Resource Center to provide guidance and answer your pressing questions, such as how to prepare or respond to the associated business risks, and whether insurance coverage may respond.

If you are a Woodruff Sawyer client and have specific questions related to your risks and coverage, reach out to your account team.


What Now? HR Strategies and Legal Advice for Reopening Your Workplace

As workplaces reopen, we answer your questions: how can you be sure you’re in compliance with CDC recommendations, keeping your people safe, and doing your best to navigate this strange new reality as a business leader?



Prepare for COVID-19 Employment Claims

Four steps employers can take to reduce their EPL exposure



Compliance Alert: Carrier Premium Credits and Your ERISA Fiduciary Obligations

What to do with COVID-19 premium credits for proper compliance


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Last Updated May 29, 2020:  Added “Welcome Back to Work Employee Packet” to Support Your Employees: A toolkit. 

Woodruff Sawyer has implemented our Work From Home policy in all of our US offices effective March 13th. Learn more >

Pandemic Planning Guide with Templates

We’ve included a downloadable and editable Guide to Creating a Business Continuity Plan for Pandemics, which includes templates, as well as a sample pandemic plan. Keep in mind that these plans should tie closely with your current business continuity plan.

Guide to Creating Pandemic BCP

Sample Corporate Pandemic Plan

Pandemic Checklist For Employers

The Impact on Your Business Risk and Insurance

Browse These Additional Insights:

The Impact on Employee Benefits, Retirement, and Your Workforce

Support Your Employees: A Toolkit

What is Ergonomics?

Mental Well-being During Quarantine

Easing Employee Stress Surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Guide to Market Fluctuations

Welcome Back to Work Employee Packet

Working From Home During a Coronavirus Outbreak

On-Demand Webinars

COVID-19 has many employers asking questions about what actions to take now to help protect their employees and their business interests. The following resources help you ask the right questions, and provide you with the answers and solutions according to current developments and projections.

If you are a Woodruff Sawyer client and have specific questions related to your risks and coverage, reach out to your account team.

Client Notices

Notice to New York Domiciled Companies: New COVID-19 Regulations Affect Certain Property/Casualty Policies

Governor Newson Signs Executive Order Giving COVID-19 Worker's Compensation Rebuttable Presumption to All CA Employees

Aid for Small Businsses: CARES Act Application Begins 4/3

Third-Party Updates on Coronavirus

The CDC and World Health Organization are continually providing best practices and updates on the status of coronavirus. Keep in mind that your local Health Department has the authority to control all epidemiological response, including quarantines or other actions that may affect your business, as well as how to respond if an employee has been exposed or tests positive. 

Refer to these sources regularly to help you plan and protect your workplace according to the latest recommendations.

This page will continually be updated, so please check back regularly.

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