Earthquake Preparedness: Before & After the Event

July 5, 2019

Crisis Management

On this resource page, Woodruff Sawyer provides information to help our clients, families, and colleagues manage an earthquake disaster. Here you will find links to resources that highlight Woodruff Sawyer’s expertise as well as useful insurance information.

Commercial Property: Responding and Recovering from the Earthquake

After an earthquake, personnel safety and fire prevention are top priorities. The following documents provide basic guidelines for responding to and recovering from an earthquake disaster. We encourage you to read through these prior to an earthquake event, so you can be better prepared:

WS EQ Safety Response

WS EQ Property Response

Commercial Property: Reporting a Loss

If you’re a Woodruff Sawyer commercial lines client and need to report a claim or discuss a situation, our Claims team stands ready to assist you. You may go through your normal channels or go to our Commercial Property Assistance page for contact information and resources; you can report losses 24/7. You can also find Property Losses Claim Guidelines and information on how to Report a Commercial Property Loss online or discuss a situation.

Commercial Property: Coverage FAQs

Our responses to these frequently asked questions (FAQs) about earthquake insurance will give you an understanding of specifics such as how deductibles are calculated, whether you might have some kind of coverage even if you don’t have earthquake insurance, and more.

Personal Property Loss

If you’ve experienced personal property loss, explore these resources for information about your homeowner’s policy, how to report a claim, and what to do in the aftermath of a property loss event.

Understanding Your Homeowner’s Policy and the Claims Process

Property Loss Guidelines

Roadmap to Recovery After a Loss

FEMA advice Earthquake Safety at Home

General Resources

Following are some links to general resources, including preparing for an earthquake: Earthquake Advice

OSHA Earthquake Response Advice


As always, your Woodruff Sawyer service team is ready to assist. For more help or information about earthquake preparedness, reach out to your account team.


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