Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage companies maintain a fine balance between ensuring regulatory compliance, monitoring supply chain, worrying about market share and new products, and dreading a product recall or contamination event. With direct experience with food industry business risks and knowledge of the latest industry-specific regulatory concerns, our experts are dedicated to understanding and building customized programs for food and beverage companies.

In the case of product recall and contamination, for example, our team recognizes that these events occur at the rate of 30 cases per week in the US, and companies often find themselves unprepared and scrambling. This can shut down businesses for days at a time, costing into the millions of dollars and affecting public relations, product disposal, business continuity, lost wages, medical care, legal, and more.

Our experts can lead you through the complexities of your exposures, with services in:

  • Bundling coverages using our state-of-the-art Food Wrapper product, designed to wrap around your current program
  • Operational risk assessment, including recall and contamination exposures analysis
  • Business interruption–evaluating plant shutdown and network security
  • Risk management and claims support
  • Finance team training: “Product Recall: Is Your Finance Team Ready?”

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