Powered by analytics, our team of senior advisors helps you find the most financially beneficial balance between purchasing insurance and retaining risk.


Drive Down Casualty Risk and Cost 

Our approach to Casualty risk financing is both an art and a science, where data analysis meets our brokers’ deep understanding of your industry and the insurance market. Our senior advisors develop long-term strategies that balance the cost of insurance and risk retention. We advise on operations improvements to control losses, and deliver results on your workers’ compensation, auto liability, general liability, and product liability claims. Over time, you'll see the full picture: lower costs and reduced risk.  

A Holistic Approach to Casualty

Distilled data


We use actuarial analysis, large loss benchmarking, and data modeling to develop your risk financing strategy.

Risk Financing

Losses happen. We help you find the most effective and least costly way to pay for them.
Protect Spend

Loss Control

Our casualty loss control experts help you find ways to reduce the likelihood and severity of losses.

Claims Management

Our knowledgeable consultants guide you through the claims process to deliver positive results.

Data & Analytics

Data Intelligence to Help You Make Smart Decisions

We use data to give you actionable insights, enabling you to:

  • Budget for, monitor, and manage risk with more precision
  • Retain portions of risk that are financially viable
  • Build your optimal insurance and risk finance strategy
claim management-box-text

Claims Management

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Our claims team fiercely advocates for you when you need it most: when a claim hits. With claims specialists by line of coverage, not generalists, we provide end-to-end claims support. This means we help you prevent some claims altogether, and fiercely advocate for you if a claim does occur.