Family Office Liability

Our Family Office practice focuses on identifying and mitigating risk proactively—protecting clients through not only D&O coverage, but E&O (Errors & Omissions), Cyber Liability, and more.

Woodruff Sawyer will shine a light on all of these coverage lines for family offices. We are the bridge between the D&O and Private Client in particular and can help clients through all of the complexities of insuring an organization of this type.

If You Find Yourself Wondering These Questions, We Can Help:

  • What services does our family office provide to our wealth owners or others (investing, co-investing, offering counsel, etc.) and what does that mean for our risk
  • How do multiple structures interact and what insurance do we need for them, i.e., family office, private trust companies, investment vehicles, etc.?
  • Where can we have unintended liability?
  • Are there team member roles that have personal liability?
  • Do we have regulatory exposures?
  • How do our various insurance policies work together or have potential gaps?
  • How do we balance our focus between balance sheet protections and risk mitigation strategies?
  • What are the current trends that may impact the family office?
  • When was the last time our family conducted a thorough audit of our personal insurance program?
    • Has our Excess Liability limit kept pace with your growing wealth?
    • Are our property’s replacement costs valued correctly due to increased costs of materials and quality contractors?
    • All family members must carry a minimum amount of personal liability coverage:
      • When was the last time our valuables (jewelry, art, antiques, classic or exotic vehicles, wine & spirits) were appraised and limits modified accordingly?
      • Are all entities (trusts, LLCs) correctly included in our current insurance portfolio?

Family offices are unique in that each family has different goals and organizational structures to accomplish these goals. With each structure comes different personal and corporate liability, and we’re here to help.

If you’d like to speak with our team of experts, get in touch with our Family Office Team Leader, Judy Pearson.


“My experience in the fiduciary industry is that trustees have a panoply of risk – some recognized, others, less obvious. Judy Pearson and Woodruff Sawyer demonstrate a level of subject matter expertise and advisory acumen that adds great value to clients managing and mitigating fiduciary risks. Judy and the team are thought leading professions who place the client at center of all they do!”

Dave Coffaro, Strategic Advisory Consulting Group