Guide to Going Public: D&O Insurance for IPOs and Direct Listings

November 17, 2020

Management Liability/D&O

Directors and officers have a lot to consider when it comes to preparing for an IPO. One important task is to purchase an appropriate amount of directors and officers liability insurance, coverage that will be more expensive and complicated—and potentially necessary—compared to the D&O insurance their private company needed.

Woodruff Sawyer’s annual Guide to Going Public: D&O Insurance for IPOs and Direct Listings walks you through each step of coordinating your D&O risk management with your IPO.

guide to going public cover

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Leverage Our IPO and Direct Listing Experience and Knowledge

There is significant complexity to the process of protecting a company and its directors and officers as they undertake the process of going public. This interactive resource is your guide to the D&O insurance process for IPOs and direct listings.

Going public through a de-SPAC transaction? Check out our Guide to Insurance for SPACs.

Private to Public Milestones Timeline

While the timeline below is specific to IPO companies, the milestones are relevant to both IPO and direct listing companies. Both types of companies must have their public company D&O insurance program ready to be put in place before their stock starts trading on a public exchange, and both types of companies benefit from getting an early start on the process of placing their public company D&O insurance.

IPO Milestones Timeline - D&O Insurance Process

Check out the full Guide for details about each step in the D&O insurance process.

Woodruff Sawyer is the market leader when it comes to placing D&O insurance for companies going public. Experience matters when it comes to IPOs and direct listings. You want a specialist on your insurance brokerage team to work through all the D&O insurance issues that will arise before, during and after the process of going public, as well as during your life as a public company.



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