Directors and Officers Holiday Reading List

To help you prepare for 2021, here is our holiday reading list of Guides for what directors and officers can expect, plan for, and do in the coming year.

While the D&O Notebook is on break until January 2021, we will leave you with our holiday reading list of Guides to what directors and officers can expect, plan for, and do in 2021, including:

  1. Plan for your 2021 D&O insurance renewal, with feedback from 34 carries about what to expect and insights on “hot topics” in 2021 from our own experts. You can also view the recordings of our D&O Looking Ahead 2021 webinar.
  2. Sign up for your 2021 board education seminars.
  3. If you are planning for an IPO or Direct Listing, get ready for your D&O insurance purchase.
  4. Considering getting involved in a SPAC or deSPAC transaction? Check out our Guide to Insurance for SPACs.
  5. If you’re staying private, better understand your private company D&O insurance.
  6. Plan for your 2021 property and casualty renewal.

1. Looking Ahead 2021: D&O Considerations for the Next Calendar Year

D&O Looking Ahead Guide CoverEven without the pandemic and global economic uncertainty, the D&O insurance market has been challenged. Unfortunately, this is a trend that will continue in 2021.

Excess layer pricing is on the rise, carriers are cutting capacity, and some companies are seeing self-insured retentions increase between 50% and 100%. Of course, premiums are growing, too. Our Looking Ahead Guide will help you get ready for your 2021 renewal.

2. 2020 Board Education Resource Guide

2021 Board Education Resource GuideContinuing education is an integral part of being a good director. Given recent world and national events, staying well-informed is now even more important than ever. The Board Education Resource Guide includes the dates, locations, and costs of educational events for directors who want to expand their knowledge, exchange ideas with other directors, and network in 2021.

3. Guide to Going Public: D&O Insurance for IPOs and Direct Listings

guide to going public cover 2021There is significant complexity to the process of protecting a company and its directors and officers as they undertake the process of going public. One important task is to purchase an appropriate amount of directors and officers liability insurance, coverage that will be more expensive and complicated—and potentially necessary—compared to the D&O insurance their private company needed.

Woodruff Sawyer’s annual Guide to Going Public: D&O Insurance for IPOs and Direct Listings walks you through each step of coordinating your D&O risk management for your IPO or Direct Listing.

4. Insurance Coverage for SPACs in 2021: A Guide to Getting it Right

SPAC Guide Cover 2021SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies) had a banner year in 2020, raising more funds in the public market and doing more business combinations than ever. As they go through their IPO and subsequent M&A process, SPACs face many regulatory, legal, and business hurdles, including obtaining the appropriate amount and type of insurance for each stage. Our second annual Guide to Insuring SPACs will help keep you informed on how to protect your SPAC and your team throughout the SPAC life cycle.

5. Your Guide to Private Company D&O Insurance, 2020

Cover page of 2020 Private Company D&O Insurance GuidePrivate companies usually need directors and officers liability insurance. In addition to being part of an overall risk management strategy, D&O insurance can help attract and retain top talent. The Woodruff Sawyer Guide to Private Company D&O Insurance can help large private companies navigate the complicated topic of D&O insurance.

6. Looking Ahead 2021: Property & Casualty Considerations for the Next Calendar Year

Looking Ahead Guide 2021 CoverThe primary issue impacting the P&C insurance market is uncertainty. 2020 has been an intense year: a pandemic, civil unrest, and massive explosions, in addition to the natural catastrophes that take place each year. The result is another year of rate increases for 2021.

In this year’s P&C Looking Ahead Guide to 2021, we forecast rate trends and offer actionable steps you can take to mitigate rate increases and coverage restrictions.



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