Private Companies, Fiduciary Duties and Conflicts of Interest in Silicon Valley – Save the Date

The nature of the Silicon Valley ecosystem presents unique challenges for directors. Add to that the excitement of the IPO landscape and the ups and downs of venture-backed unicorns, and there’s certainly a lot to consider in 2016.

If you’re a director of a venture-backed private company, you know that fiduciary duty issues can be tricky. Consider joining me on March 4 at 7:30 a.m. for a one-day event: the third annual “Stanford Directors’ College for Venture-Backed Company Directors.”

The Hoover tower on the campus on Stanford university

Popularly known as “VCDC,” this special program will cover a variety of topics designed specifically for venture capitalists, CEOs and founders, and board members of venture-backed companies.

During one of the sessions, I’ll be discussing fiduciary duties and conflicts of interest in Silicon Valley with a panel of experts. Dealings in venture-backed companies often require a sophisticated examination of conflicts of interest to ensure fiduciary duties are being upheld.

Sounds simple, and as you’ll hear, it’s anything but.

We’ll touch on landmark cases like Trados and Nine Systems, and I’ll provide actionable insight into what to watch for this year and how sophisticated boards can respond.

Other topics on the event’s docket include:

  • Going public or staying private
  • Building a better board
  • Regulatory and policy issues in venture-backed companies
  • Financing transactions and getting the deal done safely
  • Founder board control - dual class shares and other voting rights structures

The VCDC consistently provides stimulating conversation and unique opportunities for business leaders to share both concerns and insights.

Friends of Woodruff Sawyer can enjoy a 10 percent discount off the registration fee. Use the code WOODRUFF10 when you register here.


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