Family Office & Trustee Liability

We work with individual and institutional trustees, from trust attorneys and CPAs to private trust companies and family offices, to manage risks for fiduciaries.

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Solve Your Personal and Corporate Liability

Our Family Office & Trustee Liability team works with individual and institutional trustees to manage the directors and officers (D&O) liability and other risks for fiduciaries. The laws surrounding trust structures are changing quickly. At a time when clients can expect premiums to balloon as claims occur and laws are tested, we’ll help you mitigate your risk proactively—protecting you through not only D&O coverage, but E&O (errors & omissions), cyber liability, and more. We're the bridge between D&O and Private Client services in particular, helping you through the nuances in your personal, professional and/or corporate risks as a trustee.

We serve the following 
types of fiduciaries:

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Individual Trustees

Including attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and business associates
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Family Offices

Where personal and corporate liability connect—often causing confusion, gaps in coverage, and the need for expert guidance

Trust Companies

Our strong understanding of trust company structures and services enables us to deliver the right insurance solutions
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Individual Trustees

Protecting Your Personal Liability

Although you may be serving as a trustee in a professional capacity as a lawyer, CPA, or other business associate, trustees are subject to fiduciary standards—the highest duty under the law—and are personally liable. Learn more and get coverage quickly here.

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Family Offices & Trust Companies

Reducing Fiduciary Risks, Protecting Personal Wealth and Legacies

Managing family office and trustee liability is a complex web of risks, legal implications, and regulatory concerns. There are things you may not have considered in navigating this system. But we’re here to listen, dig, and do the connecting and thinking for you.

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Trust Companies

Understanding Private and Public Trusts

Trust companies can be private or public depending on how they’re structured and the number of people or families they serve. Learn the difference between the two and the resources we have available.

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What is Trustee Liability Insurance?

Did you know that as a trustee, you can be sued for breach of your fiduciary duties by any beneficiaries of the trust you’re appointed to? Trustee liability insurance protects you from the personal and professional risks you face as a trustee. Watch this 1-minute video to learn more about trustee liability insurance and why trustees need this type of coverage.

  • My experience in the fiduciary industry is that trustees have a panoply of risk--some recognized; others, less obvious. Woodruff Sawyer demonstrates a level of subject matter expertise and advisory acumen that adds great value to clients managing and mitigating fiduciary risks [and] who place the client at the center of all they do!

    Dave Caffaro, Strategic Advisory Consulting Group

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Our Expertise

  • Individual Trustee

    Specialized trustee liability insurance protects your personal liability as a trustee. Our application process makes getting coverage easy.

  • Family Office

    Understand trust structures and the services family offices provide is critical to ensuring you’re properly covered for your personal and corporate liabilities.

  • D&O/ Management Liability

    Safeguarding directors and officers against lawsuits and other liabilities.


  • Private Client

    Protecting what’s important to you, from treasured collections to the legacy you want to leave behind.

  • Cyber

    Quantifying your company’s cyber risks and securing the right coverage for data breaches and other cyber incidents.