Manufacturers need to stay ahead of today’s ever-changing regulatory environment, complex supply chains, product recalls, cyber risks and more. At Woodruff Sawyer, you’ll get a team of experienced advisors you can trust to ensure protection against significant losses to your operations, with no surprises.

With our long track record of aggressive and strategic premium management, tailored to the Manufacturing sector and each client’s unique risks, we’re experts in securing the right property and inventory coverage to protect your products, from food to wood to industrial parts. Our disciplined account management process starts with strategic multi-year planning. It includes business continuity planning for complex supply chains, risk analysis and training on exposures related to matters such as product contamination and recall, advice on regulatory issues impacting the manufacturing industry, and fierce advocacy on claims. Our services extend to robust Employee Benefits consulting for a diverse, multi-site and global workforce.

Serving Your Sector

Manufacturing sectors we work with include: