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We Get It Right, You Get Peace Of Mind

We take a personalized approach to serving every client. When you become our client, a dedicated team of specialists becomes your champion, working as your fierce advocate to tackle your unique problems. It’s clear that clients value our service philosophy, because our 2021 Net Promoter Survey® (NPS) score is 86.1, which is considered world-class in service and puts us on par with the nation’s top corporations and service leaders in any industry.

This is what our clients are saying…

That’s the real benefit of working with someone like Woodruff Sawyer. You trust that what you’re getting is informed, expert judgement—judgement that’s backed up by people who are putting in the time…They’re the best informed and the most thoughtful.”

Michael Ray, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Western Digital Corporation

One of the best things about Woodruff Sawyer was their ability to partner with us…I didn’t have to hire experts. I had a partner in my insurance broker that was an expert.”

Patty Brunton, Corporate Vice President, Human Resources, J2 Global

It’s the combination of the individuals and the collective team working together with us to offer the counsel, the advice, the platinum best-in-class coverage that really allows myself and our board of directors to be able to sleep at night.”

Blake Welcher, Former Executive Vice President, Legal General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, DTS, Inc.

I have built strong relationships with my Woodruff Sawyer team.  I know that I can trust them to not only support my organization’s goals, but go to bat for me if need be.”

Diana Likes, Benefits Manager, Agemark Corporation

National resources, quality local representation and good client team focus which appears to be top down.”

Mark Roeter, CFO, Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc.

Great partnership, good communication, excellent advice, very responsive, great asset.”

Sherry Chapman, Human Resources Director, Eugenus

The team at Woodruff Sawyer are dedicated to our company’s best interest and they prove this every day. We have daily interactions and I rely on them heavily no matter how small or big of a request. They’re super proactive too, they fully understand the state of the business and our culture and are continually recommending solutions and new benefits to us!”

Angie Marin, HR Benefits Coordinator, Alteryx

Always helpful and extremely knowledgeable about all the coverages procured on our behalf. The procurement of the coverages at renewal is a huge endeavor but the services provided do not stop there – questions on risk/contract issues are always answered in a timely manner and their claims management services are outstanding.”

Laura Pratt, Financial Analyst, CalOptima

We regard Woodruff Sawyer as our business intelligence partners which allows us to provide quality programs to our employees in alignment with our strategic goals and business plan.”

Annette Bonilla, Vice President, HR, Environmental Science Associates

Prompt, attentive and accessible- exceptional service! Additionally, I believe WS always looks for the best price on the most appropriate products for us upon renewals.”

Anne Erickson, Chief Compliance Officer, Denali Advisors, LLC

We have a great partnership with our Woodruff Sawyer team. Very collaborative, responsive and supportive. We truly feel they are advocates of not only our employees but our overall organization.”

Lindsey Prout, Director, First Tech Federal Credit Union

WS is truly an extension of my HR department.  I can count on my team 100% which is critical.”

Beth Lanphier, Senior HR Manager, 360 Holdings I Corp.

The team supporting Intuit has been extremely proactive and always responds to last minute requests without any hesitation.”

Gene McNinch, Intuit

Incredible customer service and a knowledgeable staff.  Our representatives our very proactive and they are so easy to work with.  The communication is great.”

Colleen West, Human Resources & Administrative Manager, Peter Michael Winery

WS has always acted in our best interests not on what is the most beneficial for them.”

Steve Snodgrass, Granite Rock Company

The renewal process is streamlined to be as easy as possible, and I am always kept well informed of market changes. It remains important to be properly insured, its just as bad to be over insured as it is under insured.  My team keeps a sharp eye out on my best interests to properly manage risk exposure in a manner that most insurance brokers or agents don’t have the ability to.”

Tim Mulgrew, CFO, Multiple Organics

They understand our business plan and know what our major initiatives are. They track our company developments…I’ve worked with a lot of brokers over the years. Woodruff Sawyer is by far the best broker I’ve ever worked with.”

Minnie Marzilli, Risk Manager, Grosvenor USA

I was negotiating a large contract with a Fortune 50 prospect, when I came across a section on insurance. Not wanting to make a mistake, I reached out to [my WS team]. In the four years I’ve been here, they have an uninterrupted track record of overachieving and delighting me. This morning was no exception: at 7:39AM I emailed [the team] and a little over an hour later I had two comprehensive explanations…This is why I recommend Woodruff Sawyer as often as I can. I am a very satisfied client.”

Bob Finley, Chief Financial Officer & Chief of Staff, RedSeal

Our account team has incredible response speed, even more so during renewal when the pressure is on… [They] always demonstrate a caring attitude toward our employees and provide well-researched and reviewed answers to our requests. It is a solid feeling having Woodruff Sawyer in our corner.”

Matt Troskey, VP of People & Learning, Mt. Hood Meadows Resort

The account managers I work with are amazing. They are responsive, on top of trends and communicate that information and benchmarking information to us, they provide various services to our firm… They are a trusted advisor.”

Lisa De Gisi, HR Benefits & Wellness Specialist, BPM LLP

Great team, well respected, experts in their particular domain. Always willing to go above and beyond.”

Stuart Fagin, Deputy General Counsel, Atlassian Corporation

They’re always there to help us from implementation to terminating a program and problem-solve when needed.  They go above and beyond their ‘broker’ role.”

Persi Mello, Staff Benefits Analyst, Cadence Design Systems

The depth of knowledge, the proactive approach to renewals, support in claims handling, the approach to handling tough situations, network of other professionals – all contribute positively to a great relationship. We see Woodruff Sawyer as one of our business partners.”

Mike Davidson, CFO, Gardeners Guild

Deep knowledge of the industry.  Professional and personable staff.  Finger on the pulse of changing  industry dynamics.”

Thomas Alber, CFO, TA Associates Management, LP

Everyone that I have come in contact with at Woodruff Sayer has a great attitude. They are always quick getting back to me. They are very professional and knowledgeable. I get the sense that they love what they do and are [readily] available for me when I have questions.”

Yazmin Ranger, Controller, Kring & Chung, LLP

Institute on Aging looks for business partners that mirror our core values. They are integrity, innovation, compassion and collaboration. Woodruff Sawyer as a partner embodies these values. They contribute by applying their expertise and innovative approach to risk management to support our key goals, objectives and long term strategic vision.”

Roxana R. Blades, Chief Financial Officer, Institute on Aging

High level of customer service, very responsive to requests and very connected with us on our needs.”

Juan Valdes, Vice President & Controller, Delicato Family Vineyards

For Surety and Insurance, Woodruff operates as a strategic team member for our business, without whom we would not have been able, over the last few years, to achieve our aggressive growth strategy.”

Ann Hauer, VP of Finance, Anvil Builders

Very knowledgeable, responsive and energetic team with state-of-the-art health insurance tools for our employees and our benefits team.”

Elizabeth Stevens, Sr. Director of HR, Chaparral Management Services

The team constantly exceeds my expectations. They are proactive and responsible, taking ownership of everything that comes their way. I rely heavily on them with respect to everything insurance.”

Erin O’Shea, Treasury Director, GoDaddy